Taphouse Group Rewards Card


When you shop online or purchase at any Taphouse Group venue, you can earn Taphouse Rewards. For every dollar spent, you will earn 1 Taphouse Reward point.

All points can be used at any Taphouse Group venue, retail outlet or even on the Taphouse Cellars web store, www.taphousecellars.com.au.

Where can you find the Taphouse Group?

  • Coolangatta Sands Hotel

  • Taphouse Cellars Coolangatta

  • Chinderah Tavern

  • Taphouse Cellars Chinderah

  • Coolangatta Sands Hostel

  • Kingscliff Beach Hotel

  • Taphouse Cellars Kingscliff Beach Hotel

  • Taphouse Cellars Kingscliff Superstore (Kingscliff Shopping Village)

  • Babalou Weddings and Events

  • Port Macquarie Hotel

  • Taphouse Cellars Port Macquarie

  • The Town Green Inn Port Macquarie

  • Tacking Point Tavern

  • Taphouse Cellars Tacking Point Tavern

  • www.taphousecellars.com.au

  • Dry Dock Road (coming soon)

  • Taphouse Cellars Dry Dock Road (coming soon)



Taphouse Rewards In-Store

  • Sign up online at www.taphousegroup.com.au or www.taphousecellars.com.au

  • A digital Taphouse Rewards pass will automatically get sent to you via email, which is encoded with your account number

  • Save this digital pass to your passbook

  • Simply swipe the digital pass at any venue in the Taphouse Group when making any purchase to redeem points

Taphouse Rewards Online

Want to earn points online? Easy! In addition to being sent your digital pass, you will automatically have an account created at our online store.

You are able to use any Taphouse Rewards that you earn online or in-store, interchangeably.

All points accrue to the same account whether you shop online, in-store, or both!



Unless you lose your phone… you can’t lose your pass. How good is that!

If you do lose your phone, get in touch with our customer service team and they’ll get your Taphouse Rewards pass sent straight back out to you. If it is going to be a while before you get another phone, you can still use your Taphouse Rewards points online by logging into your account online at www.taphousecellars.com.au